[ubuntu-art] Artwork wide status update

Frank Schoep frank at ffnn.nl
Tue Aug 29 18:40:09 BST 2006

Hello artists,

As I promised yesterday, here's a status update on the progress  
that's been made so far on all fronts we're tackling. I'll start of  
with the areas closest to what we've been doing on the mailing list.

The human theme artwork has been flowing in at a regular pace the  
last week, and there is a good collection of produced artwork already  
submitted on the progress page on the Wiki:

More submissions are very welcome, of course - so if you find the  
time to try some designs, you're welcome to participate.

Next up are the Theme Teams. We're wrapping up the Edgy versions of  
each theme this week so expect more news regarding this soon. The  
past seven weeks each of the team leaders has done a good job at  
drafting their theme's direction and producing artwork, their work is  
greatly appreciated.

Polishing the GTK theme is still being investigated as we need to  
keep a universally accepted clean and polished look. Mark has  
indicated he wants to approve each and every change we want to make,  
so we'll have to collaborate intensively on this to make changes.

Work on the Human icon set is scheduled to start early September,  
when we'll have missing icons produced in various sizes. I've been in  
touch with Mark and Daniel regarding this and everything is looking  
good so far. Expect some shiny new, crucial icons in Edgy which were  
missing earlier.

The sound themes are progressing nicely with Peter Savage doing an  
awesome job at creating variations and new sounds at breakneck pace.  
We've had some good, focused sessions on IRC and I feel we're heading  
in the right direction.

A totally different issue is accessibility work. In Paris, I promised  
Henrik Omma to look into completing the icon set for the high  
contrast theme. PingunZ has been very helpful in creating a list of  
icons that need to be created, but so far no-one has stepped up to  
actually create the missing icons. If you are interested in doing  
this, please let me know, you'll have Henrik's thanks in advance.

Related to this are SOK keyboard layouts. The new onscreen keyboard  
allows SVGs to be used as a base for the graphical layout of the  
keyboard. Right now, there are some layouts available, but volunteers  
to create new and more pleasing ones are welcomed to get in touch  
with Henrik.

See the following Wiki page for more information on SOK (now named  

So, that sums about pretty much all of what's going on right now. I  
hope this shines some light on the more recent developments.  
Questions or comments are welcome on the mailing list or in private.  
Keep up the good work everyone.

With kind regards,

Frank Schoep

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