[ubuntu-art] [REQUEST] Widescreen / Scaling GDM issues

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Tue Aug 29 13:24:41 BST 2006

I am not a GDM themer, but I picked apart a Novell GDM a while back
and was surprised at how 'broken down' it was - all elements on it
were separate pngs and I think they were tiling some them (for example
a semitrans white png for the bar accross the middle...)

I think using a background that is okay for scaling - say something
abstract, and then putting the logo etc as boxes on top should help -

Sorry to be so vague, I'm not on my Linux box...

On 8/29/06, Troy James Sobotka <troy.sobotka at gmail.com> wrote:
> If anyone familiar with GDM theming knows how
> to maintain the proper aspect ratio _and_ accommodate
> all screen resolutions, please contact me.
> In particular, it is important to figure out a way
> to maintain the original aspect ratios of the
> source files -- for example the logo -- without
> specifying the exact pixels to maintain scaling.
> width="10%" etc works terrific, but for a widescreen
> display, the result would be stretched.  width="box"
> works to give the _original_ sizes, which doesn't
> scale properly for lower resolutions.
> Any ideas appreciated.
> Sincerely,
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