[ubuntu-art] [TT-Tropic] The Last Stand (on splash screens)

Viper550 gthompson at cogeco.ca
Mon Aug 28 16:28:41 BST 2006

Okay, since the Theme Team deadline is in 2 more days and I haven't even 
received a single proposal for the new Splash Screen, so I'm taking 
things into my own hands! I'm just going to look around through the 
incoming artwork for Edgy for the best looking Login Splash submission. 
I will make my announcement of the winner in about 10 minutes so stay 
tuned! Please be forewarned that if your design wins, you will have to 
either send me the SVG source code, or modify the splash to fit in the 
deep orange look of Tropic and send it to me or post it somewhere.


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