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Brandon Holtsclaw imbrandon at kubuntu.org
Fri Aug 25 02:47:56 BST 2006

On Thursday 24 August 2006 20:08 / 8:08 pm, Viper550 wrote:
> Today on #kubuntu-devel, I was showing off my new working mockup of a
> new theme style for Kubuntu, the Keramik Window Decoration, and the
> QtCurve style 
Keramik was nice when it was new but it got used alot and played out over the 
years, I think we were looking for something edgy for edgy ;) Also Ken and 
others have put alot of work into kwin-crystal durring the dev springt and 
before , you might catch them on #kubuntu-artwork and colaborate with them 
instead of reinventing the wheel with a whole new kwin style , but thats just 
my 0.2c

> (which can also theme GTK applications, which will cure 
> some problems that have drived people away from Kubuntu after installing
> Firefox for example).
the qt-gtk package does this for kubuntu by default but that dosent change the 
firefox themes just the gtk elements of them , -1

> If anyone missed it, here's a screenshot of my 
> idea so I could share it all with you. Notice the nice gloss matte, and
> how the menubar and the window border appear to be connected together!

Looks like a great color combo for using such an old kwin deco but its nice, 
also I dunno if your on a LCD or CRT but the menubar and the windeco dont 
connect as you sugest in that pic, they are two diffrent colors of purple, 
again just my 0.2c

Brandon Holtsclaw
imbrandon at kubuntu.org
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