[ubuntu-art] Edgy Kubuntu coloring

Brandon Holtsclaw imbrandon at kubuntu.org
Thu Aug 24 13:44:47 BST 2006

> Are these all going to be purplized (violetated? mauved?)  for Edgy? If so
> what sort of progress has been made in this regard, as I would not like to
> repeat anyoneelse's work but am willing to make the changes to these items.
Heya Nathan, yes they sure are getting "purpleized" , Ken and Riddell and I 
were working on just that infact on IRC and would welcome the help, stop on 
by #kubuntu-devel on freenode and we'll all get togather and tackle this 
today ;)

Brandon Holtsclaw
imbrandon at kubuntu.org
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