[ubuntu-art] Some guidelines for consideration

Álvaro Medina Ballester xlasttrainhomex at gmail.com
Wed Aug 23 23:59:35 BST 2006

Hi everyone!

First of all I want to say that I find Ubuntu's brown (and orange) theme
very distinctive, and that is great. And also Mark is giving us good news
from LinuxWorld, I think that Ubuntu is changing Open Source OSs and is
bringing people who doesn't have the knowledge to use a Linux based machine
a very good, stable and easy to use operating system.

Yesterday i was looking to Fedora theme, light blue and, in my opinion,
child-like icons (it seems a distro for kids, not very serious and ugly
colors). These icons are not realistic, and is quite hard to distinguish the
function of each one.
For example, in
is hard to know that the Icon for Internet menu represents that
function or that sub-menu. I think that in Ubuntu we have to make icons that
really represents their function but we have to give them a good design.
Maybe making simple icons as Fedora is not a good option. I really like
NuoveXT designs. They are reallistic, easy to identify with their action and
very eye-candy. Another thing about the icons is the colour. I'm not agree
with making all icons with brown/orange/red shades. We can keep Ubuntu style
without making all icons with the same tones, but I think that we're going
on the right way. Applications menu has very nice icons and very distinctive
forms and colors. But in my opinion, the next step is more reallistic icons.

On the other hand, I want to criticize the Ubuntu default theme. In my
opinion is a very good theme, but we can improve it a lot. Maybe is very
good to make Ubuntu distinctive, but this is not the only goal. We have to
pay attention to another things. I think that working on a computer is like
working on a desk, for example. If you're working in the office and the
walls are orange or it has red dots with green background, is very hard to
concentrate, but is very easy to get sick of your work place. I know that
Ubuntu is not so extreme, but I think that we have to find shades that help
the user to get a great experience. Desktop has to be relaxing and
inspiring, and we can achieve this goal, keeping Ubuntu spirit. I think that
the goal is a perfect balance between this two concepts: distinctive and
user friendly<http://lasttrainhome.blogsome.com/images/ubuntu_du_graphic.png>.
But we can pull up on the graphic, keeping the balance, to get a great
desktop experience and eye candy desktop. I really like Murrine Gtk theme,
it's simple, clean and very eye-candy and it can be perfect for Edgy.

Now I'm workingin in a few improvements that we can do to Edgy artwork, most
of all about the aspect of gnome panels and notification icons. I hope that
exams allow me to do it in the next week. Finally I want to apologize about
my english, I'm working on it also!

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