[ubuntu-art] Sound on boot

Mark Shuttleworth mark at canonical.com
Wed Aug 23 13:08:22 BST 2006

Hi Daniel

Now that we have an effort underway to produce high quality sounds for
Edgy, I wonder if we shouldn't set things up so that a sound is played
on boot, when ALSA is loaded and configured?

Daniel, would you look into that? I think it should be a configurable
sound (for people willing to edit a conf file!). The sound folks on the
u-art list could then produce a boot sound, and a login sound.

One request from the developer team (I'm at the sprint in Wiesbaden now)
is that these sounds be shorter, of the order of 3-6 seconds.

As an extra it would be nice if editing the sound did not create conf
file conflicts on package upgrades. For example, if we ship edgy with
sound X, and the user instead wants to play sound Y, we don't want a
conffile conflict when the user upgrades to Edgy+1 and we have set the
sound file to be Z. The user should continue to get Y.

Does this sound doable (har har)?
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