[ubuntu-art] Some guidelines for consideration

Michiel Sikma michiel at thingmajig.org
Wed Aug 23 11:36:19 BST 2006

Op 23-aug-2006, om 11:58 heeft Mark Shuttleworth het volgende  

> Michiel Sikma wrote:
>> It's a little unfortunate that the "shut down", "restart", etc.  
>> buttons are now in a drop-down box, which I think kind of seems  
>> out of place when opened. I'd rather have those buttons on the GDM  
>> screen itself, like Breezy did.
> We made that change explicitly to simplify the login screen and  
> reduce the number of "things" there. For the moment, I'd like to  
> keep that screen as clean and powerful as possible!

I do think it is very powerful, and if the drop down menu is kept,  
perhaps we can think about making it appear in the same style as the  
rest of the design instead of consisting of a default drop down menu  
as any would be rendered. The bottom part of the screen is brown and  
thus the drop down menu could be brown as well, positioned correctly  
to not overlap the bottom bar and touch the left side of the screen.  
Maybe we can touch this issue during the polish phase, as I don't  
think it would take that much effort.

>> I do find it too bad that it lacks the ability to work as well in  
>> bright shades as blue, which is why I applaud the direction  
>> towards combining brown with orange and even yellow/red hue  
>> accents that Dapper made possible.
> Yes, that was a nice little bit of serendipity :-)
> Mark

Yeah, and I'm glad that Edgy is making sure we don't forget about  
brown. Orange is an excellent color, but doesn't work as well as  
brown with darker tints. So if we allow ourselves to juggle around  
those colors effectively, there's no doubt we'll be way ahead of  
Fedora in terms of art distinction and direction.


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