[ubuntu-art] Some guidelines for consideration

Mark Shuttleworth mark at canonical.com
Tue Aug 22 18:58:55 BST 2006

Hi guys

We had a fantastic experience at LinuxWorld San Francisco last week,
with tremendous interest in the community and commercial stands for
Ubuntu at the expo. Jane briefed me on feedback from the conference, and
there were a couple of items that I think are worth passing on to you,
because they relate to the branding and style of the desktop.

The first comment was that the "big bold brand" of the GDM login screen
is very visible and that people LOVE to have their desktops configured
to show this login screen at conferences. I think we want to preserve
that goodwill - whatever new login we select for Edgy should have the
same characteristics:

 * large, prominent Ubuntu name and logo
 * distinctive colour

Similarly, in many presentations, even though the presenter was showing
an application, or slides, or web pages, it was clear that they were
using Ubuntu because the desktop is so distinctive. In this case I think
we are on the right track for Edgy because all of the concepts I've seen
preserve the "brown" feel - and in fact many that I have seen are even
better than ones we've had in the past.

So please bear the importance of bold, clear, distinctive looks in mind!

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