[ubuntu-art] Excellent sound work

Peter Savage petesavage at ubuntu.com
Tue Aug 22 19:27:00 BST 2006

Hey everyone,

I've been away for some of this weekend, but after a meeting with Frank last
week we decided to pick three of the themes and develop some kind of logout
sound for each of them.  I have done this and they can be found below, I
have renumbered, and the older samples will now not be developed further,
unless a sub-distro wants them


What we really need to do now, is decide if any of these are suitable for
Ubuntu, if so, they can be developed and tweaked until we are satisfied with
them.  I had many MANY comments about tweaking this files, but I resisted
the temptation.  I will begin tweaking once the final theme has been decided
upon.  There should be enough there to make a judgement on.

I also wanted to ask does anyone know if there is the possibility of funding
for a soundcard, this on board card I have at the moment isn't ideal, and
produces a fair amount of noise which I have to keep cleaning up.

Thanks to everyone for their feedback,

Pete Savage - cbx33::silentk
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