[ubuntu-art] Creating Human Iconset SVGs

Frank Schoep frank at ffnn.nl
Tue Aug 22 13:25:13 BST 2006

Hello artists,

Following up on the mail I just sent, I'd like to gather the details  
on the previous and current efforts on completing the SVG set of  
Human icons. I haven't been following this closely I'm afraid, so if  
you have any pointers to activity regarding this, they're all welcome.

Things I know are that Dapper does ship with some SVGs (mostly  
filesystems IIRC) and that there seems to have been some effort by  
"Orro" (if I'm not mistaking). Also, as I mentioned earlier, Troy has  
sent me some new SVGs he created.

Once I (or, we)'ve got a clear view on what base we can build on we  
can set up a more official way to create and polish SVG icons for the  
Human set. I hope we can start up this effort since it'd soon become  
a valuable asset for Ubuntu as a whole.

Thanks in advance for your digging!



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