[ubuntu-art] Styles/looks discussion

Frank Schoep frank at ffnn.nl
Tue Aug 22 10:39:42 BST 2006

On Aug 22, 2006, at 8:37 AM, Michiel Sikma wrote:
> On Aug 19, 2006, at 2:22 PM, PingunZ wrote:
>> My preferences are " Rounded " and " Matte and Gloss "
>> What I like about Rounded :
>> - A face browser for the GDM. This is really popular on sites like
>> gnome-look. I'd really like to see it included in Ubuntu.
> We can probably have a face browser in the other themes as well, if
> you suggest that we should. I don't really see why not.

I've been in some discussions on this already and I hear the  
"security" issue a lot regarding a face browser. My thoughts on this  
are that for home and probably small office users a face browser  
would be a welcome default login screen without compromising  
security. Once a malicious person has access to the _local_ login  
screen, there's probably more to worry about than giving away a user  
account name (like booting a live CD and mounting the hard drive).

The situation in which a face browser doesn't work is where there's a  
lot of user accounts. I think a system that has more than seven  
accounts is likely to have an administrator capable of changing the  
GDM theme to something without a face chooser if so desired.

I'd be happy to hear your thoughts on this as mine aren't  
authoritative by far.

One thing I wondered is - I don't see where my Rounded style would  
imply a face browser, so maybe I'm mistaking but can you tell me  
where it says so?

>> - The idea of the a usplash with a rounded loading bar. It could be
>> modified a little, I personally like the scrolling text.
> I wonder about usplash myself. What's really going to be possible
> with this new usplash type? Will we make an old type for backup
> purposes too, in case someone's computer cannot use the new type? Can
> we make really innovative things like more graphical load bars that
> have fancy things like reflection, that would take a bit more time to
> implement than just simply a masked image?
> Frank was working on that, though, wasn't he?

I've been asking around at the UDS about the usplash and have been  
forwarded to many people already. Right now I've got a good idea  
where to find answers instead of more questions and as soon as I know  
more I'll post it to the artwork mailing list. I've heard all kinds  
of stories up until now so I'd rather not share any of those to  
prevent misunderstandings, I hope you all understand.

>> What could be better in Rounded :
>> - The splash screen ( the one after GDM ), I'd remove it.
>> Just a little animation on the GDM till the desktop is loaded ?
>> I also like the vista-approach, fade out when the desktop is loaded.
>> If the splash screen isn't removed I'd certainly go for an animated
>> one, like xubuntu.
> I hope you can do this. I think Ubuntu just has too many loading
> screens. :)

I don't think we can pull off amazing things like this for Edgy.  
We'll probably have to work within Dapper-like constraints for most  
of the artwork which implies that the login splash can only use 1-bit  
transparency and the icons and login text are probably going to be at  
the same place as in Dapper.

Suggestions for new animations are welcome though, maybe a new  
specification can summarize your thoughts and ideas on this and we  
can filter for Edgy +1?



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