[ubuntu-art] R: [TT-Tropic] New Version + Open Casting Call for SplashScreens!

Andrea cimi86 at alice.it
Sun Aug 20 02:58:21 BST 2006

Viper550 wrote:
> cimi86 at alice.it wrote:
>> Want anything more from my engine?
>> Another problem is that murrine isn't in official repos...
> I think there should be support for rounded buttons...that would look 
> quite interesting with the new curved gloss effects you've got now!
> Viper550
No rounded buttons for the moment. They cause a big drop in 
performance... see ubuntulooks compared with murrine... 30% slower...

It's not difficult to implement, but very slow... I'm waiting cairo 
improvements before do this support, for the moment speed has to be 
guaranteed to the user.


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