[ubuntu-art] Excellent sound work

Mark Shuttleworth mark at canonical.com
Tue Aug 15 00:42:00 BST 2006

I listened to the excellent samples this evening, and wanted to mail the
list with some comments.

First, super work. Nice to have such a range of options initially, to
get a feel for them. Some I think feel more "kubuntu" and some more
"ubuntu", so I definitely think it's worth integrating sound into both
platforms, and Jani may want some luuurve in X-land too.

This one has cheery feel. Could lean either to Ubuntu or Kubuntu. I like
it's brightness, On the flip side, doesn't have an earthiness, perhaps
it's something lighter that would work well in Xubuntu?

*This one feels a little "self-satisfied", perhaps it's the downward
trend of the melody. The chuckle at the end almost works but comes
across a little Chucky, IMO :-)

This one is definitely on the Kubuntu side of the spectrum. The latter
part is weaker, seems something like an afterthought. And the overtone
could be cleaner and clearer, less of a hiss.

This one seems a bit of a downer. Not sure why, it just doesn't have the
same sparkle.

The first 1/3 second of this one is a bit jarring but the simple chime
after that is great. Perhaps if it were slightly less plaintiff on the
high notes it would be more friendly, it feels a bit like it's overreaching.

This is an excellent one. Is cheerful, uplifting, but not hysterically
so. Confident. I think this could work best for Ubuntu, it's not so
crystal that it would be a Kubuntu choice. I like the length of it too
(though they are all fine in this regard).

This is super, too. Interesting mix of electronica and human. It has a
sassy, confident feel, and I would be happy with it for Ubuntu or Kubuntu.

this one works, definitely more on the Ubuntu side, the one sound effect
(last distinctive one before the fadeout, sounds like a creaking door in
fast forward) is a bit jarring but otherwise it's cheery. The only
downside is that it might be a little stereotypically african in
theming, but it's not over the top in that regard.

This one is curiously pensive. It seems as though it's perhaps waiting
for something to happen, that never quite does. Nicely produced, but
somehow left me unmoved.

This one is PERFECT one day a year. Perhaps a nice easter egg? We can
afford a little fun there.

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