[ubuntu-art] Progress update on the community process

Nathan Eckenrode neckenrode at gmail.com
Wed Aug 9 22:48:31 BST 2006

Are these looks and styles applicable to Kubuntu as well? If so, is there a 
preliminary palette for use on kubuntu work?

On Wednesday 09 August 2006 17:30, Frank Schoep wrote:
> Hello artists,
> I can imagine many of you are wondering what is happening behind the
> scenes so I'll present a status update on the progress of the
> community artwork process.
> What I am doing right now is writing down the directions we will
> follow for each of the four artwork targets. This basically consists
> of several steps: first I'm defining overarching styles that run
> throughout each artwork target, for example a style which only uses
> the Circle of Friends logo as a branding element. Currently I have
> defined three of these styles, currently called "Circles", "Rounded"
> and "Failsafe". These styles describe the elements and compositions
> for each artwork target, but do not define textures and colors.
> That's the second part: I'm defining two "looks" which do describe
> the textures, gloss and reflections to use. By combining the two
> "looks" with the three styles, there are six possible artwork
> directions which are fully described. By limiting production to those
> six and quickly evaluating what does and does not work out, we can
> save a lot of wasted energy and focus on the artwork directions that
> work out beautifully.
> The finishing touch is the use of palettes. "Looks" themselves will
> not describe the color usage for elements, those will be provided by
> palettes. We will leave out palettes in the early game and work
> towards applying and refining one once the style and look direction
> becomes clear. I will offer some initial palettes so that you can
> have a base to work from. Describing the styles, looks and palettes
> will be finished tomorrow, after which I'll make sure that these get
> an official approval stamp.
> Besides the community artwork, I'm working and collaborating with a
> lot of people to get other artwork related things done. Think of the
> GTK Theme tweaking and assisting the Theme Teams. I'm also following
> and talking with Pete Savage's on his sound work which is developing
> nicely.
> Thanks for reading. I'll be here to answer all your questions and
> comments.
> With kind regards,
> Frank Schoep
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