[ubuntu-art] Theme Team application addendum

ken at oxygen-icons.org ken at oxygen-icons.org
Thu Aug 3 19:38:43 BST 2006

Hi Nathan,

> On Tuesday 01 August 2006 19:18, you wrote:


> Awesome! Glad to ~meet~ you.

Great to meet you too! Good to see people are taking interest in Kubuntu :-)

>> Note that the wiki (http://wiki.kubuntu.org/Artwork) is the best
>> place to find current info about artwork (check http://
>> wiki.kubuntu.org/Artwork/Incoming for the latest stuff).

Somehow that link got messed up...I meant the following link:


> I may just be a dunce, I could not find anything that looked like a road
> map
> for kubuntu - like I have seen the process laid out for ubuntu - which was
> the second part of my question really, SO basically, where are we and what
> do
> we need next. I do not want to go ahead a do whatever it is I feel like
> doing, for this may be something that is already covered. If at all
> possible,
> I'd like to step into the process and help out with what we are focusing
> on
> right now.

Sorry for not mentioning it earlier, but Kubuntu will follow the same
roadmap as Ubuntu.

At this point in time, we are still working on putting pieces together.
Please, by all means submit any work you have or want to do.


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