[ubuntu-art] [REQUEST] Sound designers?

Chuck Huber chuck at lagunadata.com
Wed Aug 2 22:42:20 BST 2006

I'd like to say I'm impressed with the way these sounds are progressing
so I hope very much to see your work continue. 

Probably I'm coming out of left field with this input so you certainly
don't want to give it much weight.

ubuntu7-X-fade-1.mp3 is my favorite jingle so far but I think the choir
part may last a little too long and swallow the cricket sounds as the
ending approaches.  I wonder if shortening the choir by a second or two
towards the end would allow for the cricket sounds to be more prominent
as they fade away all by themselves.  Very organic, isn't it? <g>

In any case, keep up the good work.


On Wed, 2006-08-02 at 19:02 +0100, Peter Savage wrote:
> I've added in the reverb on the choirs, sounds much much better, great
> idea Frank 
> Can I ask do the sounds have the same deadline as the rest of
> ubuntu-art?  If so, I need to start finalising the login sound so I
> can started creating logout, and all the other little sounds....Got
> mail etc, of course that all hinges on if you guys think the sounds
> are good enough to be used in ubuntu ! 
> -- 
> Pete Savage - cbx33::silentk
> wiki.ubuntu.com/PeteSavage
Chuck Huber <chuck at lagunadata.com>

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