[ubuntu-art] [SUMMARY] Congratulations to all!

Troy James Sobotka troy.sobotka at gmail.com
Tue Aug 1 04:42:09 BST 2006

I just wanted to extend my utmost thanks for everyone
and their level of enthusiasm and / or contributions!

I think we have matured greatly in a very short period
of time and I would like to see the progress continue.
We have some very promising directions to head in for
Edgy, and hopefully _everyone_ will pick up the ball
that Frank sets forth.  

Taking the art from Proposal to Production will probably
seem like a long and hard road for many, but it is incredibly
important to keep the eyes open and attempt to work within 
the constraints that will guide the process.  We will require
everyone to keep contributing development in whatever style
is decided, which can cause some folks some discomfort.

Be professional -- work within the constraints and take the
concepts to a higher level.  Your efforts are not going 
unnoticed.  It is expected that everyone will contribute
to the same level they already have, only with a more
restricted set of design parameters.  And always remember
that the target is Ubuntu, so it must _fit_ into the greater

On that note, I would also like to welcome _two_ individuals
who have stepped up and offered some interest in the sound
design portion of Ubuntu:  Peter Savage and Jono Bacon.  Peter
has already posted some great effort to the wiki -- let's try
to get some comments posted to steer the development.  Jono is 
involved with Jokosher development ( http://www.jokosher.org ) in
addition to being a musician.  With these two folks, I would bet
that we are in an absolutely remarkable position to elevate
Edgy beyond our initial goals.  If you have ever seen a motion
picture, you will appreciate how important sound design is
on the overall project.  Ubuntu is no different.  Our little
art family just got a tad stronger...

Finally, we should also take the time to review and update
our Wiki area.  Étienne and Pascal have taken the lead on it,
but I am quite sure they would welcome any contributions and 
help.  I will attempt to collate Frank's decisions into a 
clear summary when the time comes.

Thanks once again, and may the development proceed as 
exceptionally well as it has thus far.  Let's push the 
rock to the finish line.


PS:  Although everyone has very tight schedules, I am quite
sure that the other family members (Edubuntu, Xubuntu, and
Kubuntu) require much work to take them into Edgy.  Perhaps
those responsible can ask for a little more help with 
required issues and get some contributed assistance.  We
are a small team, so everyone needs to stick together and 
support each other.  Thanks again...
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