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Fri Apr 21 04:38:33 BST 2006

Andreas Nilsson <nisses.mail at home.se> wrote: Senectus . wrote:
> n 4/20/06, *Petr Tome�* 
> wrote:
>     >
>     > The tangerine icons are SPECTACULAR: brilliant work. Please get them
>     > into human as default!!!! They do a great job on toning down the
>     bright
>     > orange, and are very pretty and intuitive too.
>     Hi all!
>     I fully agree with this and I fully support the effort to get
>     tangerine icons into Human as default. Many our users on
>     forum.ubuntu.cz  have very positive
>     response to them because the are
>     reasonable toned down and they better fit overall colour scheme and
>     style.
> I agree that they're pretty darn kickass.. but the problem is that 
> it's not yet complete, many of the icons don't appear to be in the 
> current version.
As bvc already mentioned, it is because those are in Tango, but as the 
tangerine-icon-theme package don't depend on the tango-icon-theme 
package, you have to install it manually. Perhaps that is a bit 
confusing and maybe we should make it a dependency. It would be great if 
you could file a bug on this.
- Andreas

Of course it should be a dependency! Just common sense. I thought that was a 'given'.

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