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> The tangerine icons are SPECTACULAR: brilliant work. Please get them
> into human as default!!!! They do a great job on toning down the bright
> orange, and are very pretty and intuitive too.

 Hi all!
I fully agree with this and I fully support the effort to get
tangerine icons into Human as default. Many our users on
forum.ubuntu.cz have very positive response to them because the are 
reasonable toned down and they better fit  overall colour scheme and

I agree that they're pretty darn kickass.. but the problem is that it's not yet complete, many of the icons don't appear to be in the current version. 

When they finish the set I would fully support making it the default standard
First realize it is not supposed to be independent/complete and inherits missing icons from Tango. The problem is that many icons that are not in tango are not displayed. Every theme that uses this new freedesktop standard does this. Icons are there but are not used. It also can't seem to properly use 16x16 in the toolbar, everywhere, consistently. Seems everyone jumped on the freedesktop standard before it was mature enough to be used. On top of that, Tango is not 'complete' as people expect, in the insane 300 to 500 icon's in an icon theme gnome world.

Personally, I think the current (including Tango) should be perfected before worrying about more. Why spin  wheels and make more unprofessional icons, just to have to go back and refinish them?


That should be;
The problem is that many icons that ARE in tango are not displayed 
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