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Sun Apr 16 17:01:04 BST 2006

Julian Turner <julian.turner at gmx.de> wrote: bvc wrote:
> I think it sets it apart nicely but to be honest, I don't think a lot
> of people will like it. Thoughts?


You thought right ;) The shadow makes the logo harder to recognize,
lessens contrast, and adds visual noise. Besides it looks so 1999-y!
Leave the logo as it is, or let's try a slight outline.


Well the unrealistic shadows in Tango/Tangerine makes icons harder to recognize and adds visual noise but they continue on with them in an attempt to not be so 1999y.

The second 1999y shadow adds contrast and has the same type realistic shadow as the drawer, the Human icons, and most great icons themes. Ever have a round shadow under you or see one under a square object? Silly! All these svg linux icon themes with round shadows are horrible.

As for your outline on the logo...read on, and/or see the 4th panel in the new screenshot with the *cough round shadow.

Andreas Nilsson <nisses.mail at home.se> wrote: bvc wrote:
> For consistency, the distributor-logo.png needs shadow.
> http://kwh.kernow-gb.com/~bvc/dapper-xubu/distributor-logo.png 
the start-here icon in tangerine use a shadow in the 24x24 size, but I'm 
not sure where distributor-logo is fetched from. If it's in hicolor or 
in g-i-t, icon-naming-utils needs to be fixed to include that one (or we 
could just replace distributor-logo with the one from tangerine or 
- Andreas
See the 4th panel in the new screenshot.

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