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Julian Oliver julian at selectparks.net
Sat Apr 15 00:11:21 BST 2006

..on Fri, Apr 14, 2006 at 07:42:12PM +0200, Suzan wrote:
> Hi,
> a different opinion about the "orange" thing from myself:
> i love it. Orange is fresh an light and fits perfectly with brown and
> dark-red colours.
> I love the orange tangerine and the orange human icons. They are so
> pretty different from other linux iconsets. 
> Just my 2 cents...

and it's not the first time we've seen orange on the gnome desktop at

out of interest the old 'Gorilla' SVG theme was pretty popular and used
orange heavily for file and folder properties on icons:


that said, at the end of the day the goal shouldn't be to make a 'striking' 
desktop so much as one that is simultaneously easy to look at for long hours, 
has attention to detail when studied and is graphically logical the rest of the time.

IMHO the atomic parts of the desktop as a graphical environment should
be translucid, yet a pleasure to look at when so desired. confidence in
a desktop environment is not pervaded with stylistic virtuosity so much
as in it's reliable behavioural and graphical logic.

as much as i find OSX tedious and frustrating from a useability perspective, 
it is graphically successful to these ends, in that it one is barely aware of the 
graphical particulars or stylistic disposition of the desktop in the course of using it.

that said, i really don't think the world needs another blue desktop.

my EUR00.02


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