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Steven Johnson swj_ms at yahoo.com
Sat Apr 15 00:37:17 BST 2006

hehe, thanks for the 2 cents.  I like orange ok; however, I just think green flows better with brown.

Even though I can't read your website (http://suzansworld.com), I did get a little chuckle from your post because your pictures of the inside of your house perhaps, is orange. lol

I hope I did not offend you by saying speaking out so much agaist the orange color.

And please forgive me for being a dumb American and not being able to read your site. ;) 

Suzan <webmistress at suzansworld.com> wrote: Hi,

a different opinion about the "orange" thing from myself:

i love it. Orange is fresh an light and fits perfectly with brown and
dark-red colours.

I love the orange tangerine and the orange human icons. They are so
pretty different from other linux iconsets. 

Just my 2 cents...



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