[ubuntu-art] Changing GIMP splash for Dapper

Frank Schoep frank at ffnn.nl
Wed Apr 12 17:58:26 BST 2006

Hello Ubuntu Art Team,

I wanted to discuss the posibilities of changing the current GIMP splash 
screen. I documented my thoughts and reasoning behind this proposal in the 
following bug report on Launchpad:

As you can see, the package maintainers pointed me towards the Art mailing 
list and it seemed like a very good proposition. I searched the archives of 
March and April 2006, but only found the following thread related to The 

In the bugreport, I wrote the following:

GIMP's splash screen in Dapper feels rather unpolished compared to the one 
found in Breezy (will attach a comparison shortly). This is not strictly a 
bug in Dapper, but in my opinion a rather poor choice upstream. My suggestion 
would be to reuse the Breezy splash screen in Dapper, I'll elaborate a bit 
more on why I'm proposing this change.

The current Dapper splash screen is the result of a competition set up by the 
GIMP Team celebrating the tenth anniversary of the program. I followed this 
contest from the start and I feel that none of the entries matches the 
elegance and polish displayed by the current splash screen in Breezy.

Especially the winner, and thus the current splash, lacks in a few 
 - The GIMP title text is barely legible due to the font, shadow and bordering
 - Legibility gets worse for the color blind, try using the "Deuteranopia" 
display filter on the new splash, it becomes one big washed out gray area
 - A rusty dial doesn't instill confidence or inspire creativity
 - The green color doesn't match any element in the Dapper theme and feels out 
of place

The current Breezy splash offers the following advantages:
 - The orange base color blends in perfectly in the new Ubuntulooks theme and 
the overall appearance of the desktop environment
 - The GIMP name is sharp and has a good contrast compared to the white 
 - The pencils are appropriately themed and (for me) do inspire creativity
 - The white background makes the splash screen uplifting and clean instead of 
depressing (the green in the new one is kind of dark)
 - The version number doesn't list the minor release so it could be reused 
without any further changes

To rehash: I would feel that the Ubuntu Dapper release would benefit greatly 
by reverting a bad aesthetical choice upstream. I haven't held a popularity 
contest or something, but I hope I've been able to convey my thoughts and 
feelings on this subject with a solid list of arguments.

If the Breezy splash is not an option, the Dapper example content also 
provides a GIMP splash screen which looks better than the current Dapper one. 
Look for this one in the Examples folder in your home directory on Dapper.

All of the above is purely subjective and represents my view on the subject, 
please take this in consideration.

I attached a comparison image to the bugreport, which can be found online 

I hope I can set off a spark to make Dapper better and feel more integrated 
and polished. Thanks for reading this far and I'd be glad to receive your 
thoughts on this matter.

With kind regards,

Frank Schoep

(Sorry if this one's a dupe, I previously sent this message from a different 

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