[ubuntu-art] // Logout dialog icon comments //

Julian Oliver julian at selectparks.net
Sun Apr 9 12:51:12 BST 2006

Looking at Daniel's icon page, and seeing icons in the context of each
other, I have a couple of comments on the logout icons. 
Notice how the 'gnome-session-halt' looks very 'interlaced' in comparison to
the other tangerine icons - as though we're looking at them on a poor
quality TFT.. It's friends gnome-session-hibernate, gnome-session-reboot and
gnome-session-suspend also suffer from this but not quite so badly (perhaps due to the high
contrast of the red against white). 

gnome-session-logout and gnome-session-switch however look great, really clean, antialiased - polished.

i also wonder if they aren't too large? They are at least twice the size
of other icons in the tangerine set, an inconsistency quite jarring at
first when you actually logout in Flight6. They are already twice as
colourful as most other icons in the desktop, but do they need to be so gigantic?

Perhaps making the halt, reboot, hibernate and reboot icons as wide as the 'door' in
gnome-session-logout would bring the overall sense of scale more in line with 
other icons in Human.



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