[ubuntu-art] Tangerine in universe

Étienne Bersac bersace03 at laposte.net
Thu Apr 6 17:13:38 BST 2006


> About samba, ssh, ftp etc.
> If you take a look at http://xoomer.virgilio.it/bat/orango-tango/ 
> status.png you can see that lapo already created those, but they  
> are not in tangerine (yet). Right now, all the icons in tangerine  
> follows the names in icon-naming-spec, but I'll start polluting  
> tangerine with various applications icons really soon anyway, so I  
> think those will get in at some point or another.

Your work is great. protocoles icon's are far easier to understand.  
Especially globe and windows. But really, we should drop tiny icon  
for at least 16x16 icons. That's too overloaded/unviewable.


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