[ubuntu-art] Inconsistence of gradients and artwork colors

bvc bvcmdk at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 6 04:43:55 BST 2006

Richard Stellingwerff <remenic at gmail.com> wrote: On 4/5/06, bvc  wrote:
> Achieving round w/o gaps is the issue at hand. Scrollbars like Industrial
> solves that....that is sensible, and IMO is better than square. Anything is
> better than having something square in a everything else round widget theme.
> It is a distraction far more than a little gap so I still say my mockup is
> the best way to go but hey, what do I know ;) . No one stares at a stepper.
> They are only glanced at. Like the bright orange in Human. All industrial
> does is put the steppers and scrollbar on top of the trough instead of
> inside it. People love it, and I have never heard any complaint about it
> now. I do not care much for it either but it's better than anything square
> in a everything else round theme. People want consistency despite what a ui
> designer (no such animal) has to say.

Forgive me for saying this, but, bvc, I have been developing
Clearlooks for over a year now. Not ONCE has ANYONE complained about
the rectangular scrollbars. You are the first one to do so. If people
really love Industrial so much.... ah hell, this isn't the place to
discuss that.

When I look at my desktop, I see a lot of rectangles. Toolbars, the
workspace switcher, even the panels are rectangular. Websites, list
views, popup menus, configuration dialogs (group frames). They are all
rectangular. Not everything in Ubuntulooks is square, not by a long

Yet, you press so hard to get a rounded scrollbar. I wonder if the
cure is better than the decease. The reason why the rectangular
scrollbar looks fine to me, is because it's a widget that isn't "free"
like buttons are, but is embedded in a sort of "track". It's limited
to the engraved area that contains the button. I really don't see why
it MUST be rounded.

> In Richard's mockup, the only one that looks good is the first, but it's all
> osx.  Is it sensible? That's only a matter of opinion and who cares....it
> looks good. That's fine with me, and most would love it, because it's osx.
> Does ubuntu want that, is the question? Mark?

So the only one that looks good is the first. But what about the
second? It's the exact same scrollbar, but with the slider all the way
down. Doesn't look so good anymore, does it? If we could make that
look good, then I'd be happy to (try to) implement it.

I've been trying to create some nice looking scrollbars for a long
time now, and the ones we have now are the best I've been able to come
up with. I'm really dying for a better design, but don't try to
convince me with talk. Show me mockups that will amaze me.

Maybe you don't remember or don't use google? A round scrollbar was mentioned on gnomefiles. Doesn't matter. I know you want round scrollbars. You, like others, forget who you are talking to. I know it has been mentioned elsewhere but....doesn't matter. Just don't act like I am the only or first, when you and I want it...obviously others do too.

Yes, by a long shot, except toolbars, everything in ubuntulooks is round. That which is not round is not themed, in the 'control' sense of the word. Ubuntulooks doesn't theme most of the other things you mentioned but boy most wish it did. A round workspace swithcher, panel? That would rock and actually put gnome in the same ballpark as the big boys but....you can't play if you are not in the same arena.

It's fine with me as is as well. I don't look at it (when working) or use the scrollbar. Who does? Keyboard!
 But the rare times I do want a fine adjustment and look at it I wonder why it is square.

I didn't mention the second because it is the first! Why would I? Sure, the second looks fine if you'd do it right. Your corners were not in sync wiht the rest of the theme. Understandable from an svg. Exported it looks even worse. You will not be happy until you implement it and make it work! Ever thought about that? It's called theming! Trust me when I say the bumps on your head will go away and hair will grow back when you see the end result and people go...wow!
You can only try. No one can ask for more.

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