[ubuntu-art] Tangerine in universe

Étienne Bersac bersace03 at laposte.net
Wed Apr 5 22:04:24 BST 2006


I'm very please to see the incoming Tangerine icon set in dapper repo.

I made a screenshot of both theme face to face at http:// 

I made a test with my father. 54 years old. Wear quite fat glasses.  
Windows user since at least 15 years. Unable to switch to Office  
2003, still using Office 2000. That is a real end user :)

I show him the comparative picture linked above, and ask him to  
choose his prefered icon theme.

He choose Tangerine for two main reasons :
  - accessibility, clareté, understandable icons.
  - No agressive color.

He also note that "ssh", "ftp" are disturbing. Especially for tiny  
icons. The sharp orange label are too agressive.

  - Tango is clearly better in tiny icons. Far more readable. See  
Home, networke dir, mounted disk, desktop icons, Windows Network,  
etc. That's very important.
  - Both are not very consistent with the title bar : Human is too  
saturate, Tangerine not enough. As Tangerine follow spec for colour,  
that will be good to have a complete tangerine/Tango compliant theme  
(including at least metacity theme).
  - Tangerine has a slight glassy effect. That's not glassy enough to  
fit Mark taste :)
  - Using tangerine does not change some toolbar icons such as home,  
  - Tiny tangerine icons are too desaturated. That does not fit the  
global palette. OTOH, that allow more readable icons.
  - the update stock icon is yellow. blue is more readable.
  - screen background are too dark in Tangerine.

Tango was designed with professionnal goals. That's not funky  
artwork. That is the professionnal artwork for a very polished desktop.

I wish to see tangoish used as default iconset.


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