[ubuntu-art] Inconsistence of gradients and artwork colors

Henrik Nilsen Omma henrik at ubuntu.com
Wed Apr 5 14:06:26 BST 2006

Richard Stellingwerff wrote:
> I've made a few new mockups:
> http://stellingwerff.com/ubuntu-art/sb.png (svg:

I like the last ones, though I can see that even rounded scroll bar tips 
against a rounded edge can look odd.

Here is a version with square stepper edges and rounded scroll bar tips: 

The trick is that the tips slightly overshoot the edge of the slider 
groove so you don't get a round edge meeting a square one. Imagine that 
the tips are not sitting in the groove with the rest of the slider, but 
are less deep so they can pass over the edge of the stepper slightly 
when they reach the edge.

  - Henrik


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