[ubuntu-art] request: tango style synaptic icons

Corey Burger corey.burger at gmail.com
Tue Apr 4 23:41:25 BST 2006

> How about something along the lines of this:
> http://ramnet.se/~nisse/diverse/temp/synaptic-proposal.png ?
> Installed packages are in color, uninstalled packages are in monocrome
> and toned down.
> The good thing about this solution is that the shapes are more
> distinguishable  this way, the bad thing is that it's not using the
> checkbox-style metaphor any more.
> What do you think, fellow ubuntu-artists?
> - Andreas

Colour vs non-colour is a good start, but the icons must have
different shapes because not only is colour/non-colour crappy for
accessiblilty, even non-disabled people will have to look more
closely, as the human brain is good at shape distinction. This is why
most of the icons are distinctinctly differently shapes.


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