[ubuntu-art] Re: (Yet another) new logout dialog

Jean-Denis Vauguet jd at typhon.org
Tue Apr 4 23:35:43 BST 2006

Mark Shuttleworth a écrit :
> Henrik Nilsen Omma wrote:
>> IMO it would be best to only show one of these options to the average
>> user. (It would be useful to have some real-world data on which of
>> these people use most often -- sleep I guess -- and how many people
>> regularly use both options.
> Except there's a darn good reason why on some occasions you want one
> option, and on others, you want the other.
> A better use of our time would be figuring out how to disable options
> that don't work on specific hardware! Perhaps some sort of "oops I
> failed to hibernate" tracking could be used to hint the system that it
> really, really does not want to offer the hibernate option any more.
> This needs to be robust in the face of minor errors.

(Hello, I'm new on the list although I've been reading/lurking for a
long time now). Yes, smart idea. And there is also the case of
"software": for example, when there is only one user (and sudo/root),
the Switch user option is not relevant, is it?

Anyway, as an average joe, I'd rather prefer useless/removable options
to hidden ones, especially regarding the most important part of the GUI,
since it may be destabilizing.

(Sorry Mark for the private mail, I missed the Answer *all* button *shame*).

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