[ubuntu-art] Re: (Yet another) new logout dialog

Henrik Nilsen Omma henrik at ubuntu.com
Tue Apr 4 21:14:45 BST 2006

Andy Somerville wrote:
> I think theres hardly anyone (who doesnt know beforehand) who thinks
> the hibernate/sleep functionality is clear. Maybe its been suggested
> before, but should we consider renaming these? (regardless of what
> other changes are made)

IMO it would be best to only show one of these options to the average 
user. (It would be useful to have some real-world data on which of these 
people use most often -- sleep I guess -- and how many people regularly 
use both options.

We could add a tab to the System -> Preferences -> Power Management 
settings that let you configure the log out dialogue. The dialogue would 
only have 'Sleep' by default, making it less confusing to new users, but 
you could add the 'Hibernate' button via a check box under Power 
Management, where you could also uncheck the 'Sleep' option if you 
wanted. The power management dialogue could contain a more detailed 
explanation of the difference between the two so we don't have to put 
that on the log out screen.

This would be fairly discoverable since someone with the question 'How 
can I get my computer to Hibernate' would be likely to look under Power 
Management after a bit of searching.

  - Henrik


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