[ubuntu-art] Re: (Yet another) new logout dialog

Eric Feliksik milouny at gmx.net
Tue Apr 4 16:25:36 BST 2006

Matthew East wrote:
> Just to stick in two more cents, I agree with mpt: a logout dialogue
> that needs explanatory text is _really_ doing something wrong. The
> labels and the icons should be clear enough.
> Matt

Ok, but then the real question is, then: Do you think it's clear, now? 
Do you think Aunt Tilly understands the difference between hibernation, 
shutdown and sleep? Logout and switch user?

I personally don't think so. So we either have to come up with a way to 
make it logical, which is inherently difficult because the differences 
in the options are both subtle but complex at the same time.

If we can't make an icon describe that hibernate will turn off the 
computer and not log you out, then a help text is better then nothing... 
  I think?

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