[ubuntu-art] request: tango style synaptic icons

Sebastian Heinlein liste at pimpzkru.de
Mon Apr 3 17:01:14 BST 2006


I "designed" the original package status icons in synaptic. It would be
nice if someone could do some tango styled ones. The icons have to
reflect the status of the package: 

 - package is installed
 - package is available (not installed)
 - package is new (not installed and was added newly to the package
 - package is broken (there is an error in the package system)
 - package is locked (cannot be updated, removed or installed)

 - package is marked for installation 
 - package is marked for removal
 - package is marked for complete removal 
 - package is marked for reinstallation
 - package is marked for upgrade
 - package is marked for downgrade

New icons don't need to follow my old metaphor:

At the moment I use a filled box to show that the package is installed.
A white box represents an uninstalled package. Arrows indicate an
upgrade (up arrow), downgrade (down arrow) or installation (left arrow).
To be removed packages get a red cross.

Furthermore we use the distribution icon in a separate column to
indicate that the package is part of the official repository. It would
be nice if someone could find a way to merge this to icons.

I attached the currently used icons.


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