[ubuntu-art] Inconsistence of gradients and artwork colors

Petr Tomeš ptomes at gmail.com
Sun Apr 2 16:42:51 BST 2006

2006/4/2, Daniel Borgmann <daniel.borgmann at gmail.com>:
> That is simply not true, pretty much everyone I personally spoke to
> liked the progressbar. I don't give too much on a bunch of negative
> comments, it would be more interesting if you actually asked a bunch
> of neutral people and most of them would respond negatively. The
> people who like something specifically (or don't mind it) usually
> don't speak up by themselves.
> The progressbar is meant to look like a shiny, glassy, rounded kind of
> tube, while the titlebar is meant to look like a much flatter, solid
> kind of bar. If it's bad then it's bad because it's bad, not because
> it's different.

The current progressbar is bad because it is simply very bad readable
if it show some numbers or texts (e.g. number of downloading
packages). Foreground and background
color combinations doesn't provide sufficient contrast. Everybody can
check it on:

Petr Tomeš,
Ubuntu CZ - http://www.ubuntu.cz/

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