[ubuntu-art] uploaded / submitted

Vijay Kishan vijaykishan at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 30 03:30:59 CDT 2005

Hello Pascal,

    My mistake :( sorry. 

   The pictures are mine (Vijay Kishan) but I had no
way to rezise and "wallpaperize" the huge files.
Mattew Nuzum very kindly offered to do the needful.
After which I sent him the files, He also sent the
URLs . I  assumed they were not loaded yet to the
ubuntu art site and proceeded to upload them. OOps..
soo that was the problem .. sorry for creating the

-Vijay Kishan

----------Pascal Klein wrote.-------------
Going through some of the submitted wallpapers today,
I noticed 6 wallpapers, 
all rather nice. Problem is that 3 are submitted by
mattnuzum - Matt Nuzum 
and then, the most recent additions are 3 submitted by
vijaykishan - VIjay 
Kishan are the same.

Are these the same people, does one have permission,
who made the photos? 
Who's are the right ones to accept?

Pascal Klein

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