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Wed Sep 28 03:17:41 CDT 2005

On 9/27/05, Vijay Kishan <vijaykishan at yahoo.com> wrote:

>    I am new to this "Open-Source" Art part of it. I
> used to contibute to the kernel code/documentation
> some time back. I have photography as my hobby and
> want to contribute some good photographs to Ubuntu Art
> as this is one distribution which I found to be close
> to nature.


>    * what is the maximum res accepted as wallpaper
> (Typically my pictures are 3xxx,2xxx size for print
> purposes)

It seems as though on most sites, the high-end for wallpapers is
1600x1200, but there are other things to factor in like widescreen
displays with different aspect ratios (my brain isn't working well
enough at the moment to tell you what they are) and possibly dual and
triple monitor wallpapers (one image that spans two or three monitors
- so max sizes might be 3200x1200 or 4800x1200).

>    * what is the criteria for acceptance

For photos, I'm not sure. There's currently no option on the art site
simply for photos. If they were to be submitted as wallpapers for
potential use directly in Ubuntu, they would need to be licensed in a
specific way, but for the life of me I can't find the link that
explains all that right now. It's some variation of the GPL, LGPL or
one of the Creative Commons licenses.

>    * Is png the only format that the pic needs to be
> submitted in ?

Actually, JPG (with as little compression and artifacts as possible)
is probably the best option for straight photos. If the Ubuntu logo
appears on the images though, PNG is the best bet as you won't get the
typical JPG blotchy artifacts in the in the logo. With high resolution
images though, you may need to do some experimentation. A JPG with
little compression may end up with a significantly smaller file size
than any kind of PNG.

>    * Is the Ubuntu Logo mandatory on all pics ?

Hmm.... The issue hasn't come up before, so it may require some
discussion here. On one hand I'd like to see some nice photography
done by an Ubuntu user that is suitable for wallpaper use, but on the
other hand, I don't think it's quite right that art.ubuntu.com turn
into a photo gallery hosting service. Perhaps you could submit some of
your favorites with the logo included, and mention in your profile
page that you have more photographs for potential wallpapers hosted
elsewhere. If you have a website and can do a gallery, that would be
great. If not, you could use a service like flickr.com. Then as you
(or others, if your photos are licensed as such) make Ubuntu
wallpapers out of them, they can be added to art.ubuntu.com. That's my
"up way too late, sleep deprived" thought. :o)

>   I would like to present a small'er version of the
> picture I would love submit to the ubuntu art under
> the Creative Commons license. Let me know your where
> to upload the same.

I'm embarrased to admit that I haven't submitted anything to the art
site yet (and I won't bore everyone with my aches and pains story
again), but I believe it creates the thumbnails for you automatically
when you submit a piece of artwork.

Welcome aboard! Feel free to ask all the questions you'd like! :o)


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