[ubuntu-art] Thoughts on the calendar

Mikkel Kamstrup Erlandsen kamstrup at daimi.au.dk
Mon Sep 26 15:09:49 CDT 2005

Since I'm afraid I wont be able to find the time to work on any calendar
images myself (damn masters thesis), I figured I'd better post my
thoughts here.

The basic idea is to have a common red thread or idea pervading the
calendar images. Maybe even a history.

We need six images. If we are to use any symbols they are to be
cross-culture/religion and be non-controversive. My thought; the four
  There are exactly six ways to select pairs of the four elements. Each
image could display a pair of the elements in a sort of ying and yang
way. The motives could be abstract or concrete, I have no preference,
but my first ideas where (please help me :-D):

Fire-Air:	The sun, ?
Fire-Earth:	Volcano, ?
Air-Water:	Rain, a whale spraying water, ?
Air-Earth:	A tree (crown in the air roots in the earth), ?
Fire-Water:	Coffee, ?
Water-Earth:	?

I have no idea how to make the underlying idea apparent to calendar
subscribers though. Maybe really expressive artwork could do it?

Another idea.
It could becool to have small previews of the wallpapers to come hidden
around in each image.

An observation.
The ubuntu logo has _six_ parts. Three circles and three arcs.

Just my thoughts. I hope they'll help somebody, or else they might be
usable for Dapper. Cheers

Mikkel Kamstrup

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