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Let me first say, I like the way you're going with 3D Gary. I think it
could lead to some very smart wallpapers. Your last piece I find a bit
overwhelming maybe? I would love to see a bit more subtle expression,
and maybe a combination of materials. As Frédéric van der Essen wrote
about in a previous thread, I too have come to think of warm colors,
etc. Now, while I don't think all wallpapers need to be
red/orange/yellow, I would definetly want to see some more with touch
of nature, traces of living materia or whatever.

BTW: I believe I haven't introduced myself. I'm 25, informatics
student, from Norway, eagerly interested in programming and graphics.
For the time I'm writing my master's thesis-hence my late
introduction, I really don't have time for graphics atm. ;) But, I've
been reading this mailinglist and scan the ubuntu-art website now and
then. There are som great ideas and contributions out there, good work
guys! As some people have noted, the art team lacks proper guidelines,
and I think (and somewhat hopes) that's why we haven't seen more
contributions than we have. It's hard to commit to a project you don't
know where's headed. I hope this will get sorted out soon-good
initiative Frédéric!

Wish you guys luck, I won't be able to contribute much (at least I
shouldn't) yet, but after my thesis is done we'll see...



On 10/27/05, Gary Varnell <regx at dgswa.com> wrote:
> Sorry, for the previous post, I forgot to change the title.
> I have posted some new walllpapers to
> http://www.gary.dgswa.com/gallery/album16
> I posted a new 3d glass image, and rerendered one of the metal images at
> 1600x1200. I also added a bunch of new alpha channel logos. The new alpha
> channel logos are white with transparency so they should look good with any
> desktop background color or gradient. You can also use the textures stonewall
> etc.
> I also posted a few my previous wallpapers to art.ubuntu.com
> When I get some free time I will make some overlays using some of these images
> as the background.
> If you like these (or hate them) please post a comment in my gallery.
> Thanks
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