Frédéric van der Essen fred at
Wed Oct 26 09:26:15 CDT 2005

First i'm sorry that i wasn't able to be at the saturday meeting. I have web access only at university so it will hard for me to be at any meeting or to follow closely any discussion here.
I would like to take this "dapper splash" thread as an example of why we really need a comprehensive guideline document for ubuntu artwork. 

First,  here is my advices on theses splash screens. 
- first, better is the ennemy of good. The current splash screen is already good and you tried to make them better by adding "random" things, this isn't how it works. While it was equilibrated an coherent before, your additions just doesn't blend with the original theme.

- second, your additions doesn't seem to follow the "ubuntu spirit" But WTF is the ubuntu spirit, i don't know it myself either, and i would like a definition or guideline before i can start doing artwork.
Grids look "cartesian, precise and scientific", is that the ubuntu spirit ? I don't think so...
Your circles looks "abstract, geometric", is that compatible with the "ubuntu spirit" ? I don't really know... 
But what i know is that you created a new logo that competes with the original one., and i don't think it's a good idea. 

So what is exactly the "ubuntu spirit", what ideas do you associate with it, what's it's definition ? Personnally i associate those terms "human, earth, organical, fluid, nature, brown, orange, warm, soft, skin" but it would make things easier if there was an offical definition ( an artwork guide ) 

Here is another example of things that the guide should include : 
If we have to include a representation of an object should it be styled :
- cartoon
- shematic
- photorelasitic
- abstract ? 

There is a lot of question that i'm asking myself before making an artwork. I would like some answers, and i'm sure i'm not alone. 

what's really important if we want to make ubuntu look professional is some kind of unity in the artwork, and it will never happen if everybody just makes what they like.

That's why we also need some art director. Viper550 asked advices on his artwork, but there was none official response. Just some "i like" "i don't like", i would be in his position, i wouldn't know what to do. 

I can start an ubuntu artwork guide document, but as i don't grasp all the reasoning behind the current look, i might alter it. But as showing done work is better than talk, i'll start such a document tonight and ask for review. 

Maybe you have better advices ?

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