Viper550 gthompson at
Tue Oct 25 16:36:59 CDT 2005

Nick Wrote:

I agree. This has all the visual impact, simplicity and meaning of the

original logo.

Infact, I prefer this to the actual logo! But I dont think they are going to

be replacing it anytime soon (although I would like to see a little 'update'

of the logo at each release)

Brilliant job Viper (or should I call you Mr 550 ? )

He he he, maybe they could pull a Kubuntu and add a glass effect to 
it..kinda like the new bootsplash thingy and the ISOLINUX thing on the 

On the logo, I can't beleive an accident turned experiment would be so 
popular! Next up, Ubuntu Wallpaper, 6.04 !I'd also like to set a little 
goal;  I'd like at least 25% new graphics in Colony 1 if we can handle 
it, no old wallpaper in the first one like Breezy, all new!


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