Gary Varnell regx at
Sun Oct 23 02:55:42 CDT 2005


Glad you like my wallpapers. It is very cool that kde supports alpha channels 
allowing custom colors/gradientsto show through.

Unfortunately I have to admit that I made these using 3ds max on windoze. I 
would like to say I created them in Blender on Ubuntu, but currently I am 
very much a Blender newbie.

To answer your second question, yes any one may use these for their own use.
I will be posting more as soon as I get some free time to my gallery.

Thanks again for the nice comments.
Also, I hope you do not mind that I posted this back to the list.
This is normal right?

Gary Varnell

"C++, n.: C with fine print which is never quoted and no-one knows about; 
features which renders a correctly --written C program useless." - The Royal 
Society of Pascal Programmers

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