Jeff Waugh jeff.waugh at
Sat Oct 22 00:23:43 CDT 2005

<quote who="Viper550">

> Time for another splash screen idea, this one is much simpler looking 
> for the eyes and is less busy.

Lots of lines - it's still very busy. :-) You have to be cautious of the
detail in an image such as this, particularly the lines, because they can
contribute to an ugly moire effect on some monitors. If you go back over the
previous splash images we've done, I'm sure you'll notice that we've gone
for smooth, simple splashes.

(By the way, rather than attaching images to your emails, please put them up
on a public website and post the URL - every attachment goes to all of the
list subscribers, and that adds up to a lot of bandwidth.)


- Jeff

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   "The two [separate] UIs are both incredibly simple and don't even look
   like computer programs; they barely need menus. [When combined, they]
   suddenly look like software." - Havoc Pennington on 'software' design

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