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Matthew Nuzum mattnuzum at gmail.com
Wed Oct 19 10:55:20 CDT 2005

On 10/19/05, Jeff Waugh <jeff.waugh at ubuntu.com> wrote:
> <quote who="Matthew Nuzum">
> > The Tango team is largely (?/partially?) made up of Novel Desktop
> > developers. I think that visual aesthetics is one place where Linux
> > distributions *should* differentiate themselves. Be careful embracing
> > Tango at the expensive of Ubuntu's distinctive look.
> a) We don't have a distinctive look for our icons at the moment (we ship the
>    GNOME icons by default right now).

Ah. That explains the foot. The only two Gnome's I've used is
RedHat/Fedora and Ubuntu and they look much different from each other,
so I didn't realize these were defaults.

> c) How do completely different looking 'Linux' [1] desktops help users?
I'm not suggesting they look completely different, I'm suggesting they
have unique visual styles. In a sense, if you've seen Windows XP Home
and compared it to Windows XP Media Center there is a a unique visual
style to media center. It doesn't look drastically different -
everything is still in the same place, it just has a little additional

That is what I was suggesting with Ubuntu, and note that I said this
type of distinction should be emphasized, implying that some other
things that differ between distros should not.

I was initially attracted to Ubuntu because it's simple, clean and
elegant style *looked* much nicer than the cluttered Fedora/RedHat
desktop I'd used before.

However your point b is well taken - I know creating one icon is
tricky, and since Ubuntu doesn't differentiate itself from others now
in the icons it uses, then if a new suite of nice looking icons is
available then it makes sense to use it.

Matthew Nuzum

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