[ubuntu-art] Development framework discussion.

Luka Cehovin luka.cehovin at guest.arnes.si
Wed Oct 5 12:41:48 CDT 2005

Well, the idea of a meeting is not a new one (there was an official  
meeting one or two times during the summer), but there is always a  
problem with the time and the day of the week. We will have to make  
some compromises and some of us will be forced to read irc
logs ...

so lets start a discussion about the possible hours and days: i vote  
for somewhere between 20 and 24 CET any day of the week.


On 2005.10.5, at 18:46, Nicholas wrote:

> On 5 Oct, 2005, at 6:15 AM, Pascal Klein wrote:
>> I propose that we perhaps actually have a regular meeting, maybe  
>> once a month
>> in either the meeting channel - #ubuntu-meeting or we can stick  
>> with our
>> native channel, the #ubuntu-artwork one, but that's beside the  
>> point. I would
>> really like to get some discussion going so the art team is  
>> informed, and
>> up-to-date with what we want to do. We want to get a coherent  
>> framework ready
>> for Dapper, so we need to get to work eventually (sorry if I am  
>> taking the
>> initiative again).
>> What do the rest of you all think about this idea?
> Great idea. I for one will do my best to be at any meeting.
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