[ubuntu-art] Ubuntu Lagoon ? for jdub probably

Jeff Waugh jeff.waugh at ubuntu.com
Mon Oct 3 06:54:48 CDT 2005

<quote who="volvoguy">

> Anyway, on to my point. Jeff, I think you're the one that either makes or
> picks the current artwork, and I'm diggin' this new "Ubuntu Lagoon" image
> I got during my update today. I have one question and/or suggestion
> though. Wouldn't it make it ultimately more flexible if all the color
> portions were transparent, and you set the default background color as
> brown? Then people that like the artwork, but not the color, could just
> pick a different color and be all set.

I'd love to, but the image is not a simple composition of the background and
foreground colours. You can play for yourself by using the desaturated image
as a selection mask, and filling it with white and creating a coloured layer
behind it. Looks like crap. :-)

Our contracted artist, Cliff Chen, created the default backgrounds for 5.04
and 5.10. We've discussed the use of more complex composition filters in the
background display routines - we could do this in future releases with Cairo
filters. We certainly won't get arbitrary layers and arbitrary composition
filter selection, but we could get at least addition, subtraction, overlay,
etc. Possibly doable in the dapper timeframe, but relatively unlikely (will
require some work on both Cairo and the background display routines).

That said, where simple composition works, I fully endorse the use of this
fantastic feature! </mayor-quimby> ;-)

- Jeff

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