[ubuntu-art] Ubuntu Lagoon ? for jdub probably

Nicholas nicholas at nburmandesign.com
Sun Oct 2 22:56:24 CDT 2005

On 2 Oct, 2005, at 7:42 PM, volvoguy wrote:

> Hey all,
> The rumors of my death have been (mostly) exaggerated. Most of ya'll
> know my own miserable medical problems, but two weeks ago my mother
> had surgery for a torn rotator cuff which turned out to be about a
> million times worse than they expected. Her recovery time went from
> three weeks to three months (which now overlaps my own new surgery
> date of Nov. 1st). Needless to day, going from major pain doing
> nothing to shopping, cooking and shuttling mom around to physical
> therapy has me completely worn out. So if you don't see me online
> often, that's why. :-\
November 1st here we come - I'm rooting for ya pal. I hope the docs get 
their act together and fix you up real good loik this time. For real. 
For good :)
and you always had a good excuse for your absence. No problem :)
> Anyway, on to my point. Jeff, I think you're the one that either makes
> or picks the current artwork, and I'm diggin' this new "Ubuntu Lagoon"
> image I got during my update today. I have one question and/or
> suggestion though. Wouldn't it make it ultimately more flexible if all
> the color portions were transparent, and you set the default
> background color as brown? Then people that like the artwork, but not
> the color, could just pick a different color and be all set.
> I'm thinkin' something along the lines of Mikkel Kamstrup's Ogmore:
> http://www.skim.dk/breezy/ogmore/ogmore-1600x1200.png
> There may be a good reason you do it the way you do, but I thought I'd
> throw the suggestion out there.
> --
> Aaron

ok, some of us submitted artwork that was non-svg. Would it be helpful 
to redo anything?

Nicholas Burman
There's a fine line between genius and insanity. I have erased this 
Oscar Levant
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