josue moreno josuemoreno1 at
Thu Nov 3 07:49:48 CST 2005

Hi list,

im new in this list and really new about Linux.

Im thinking about how can a composer contribute to a new inspirational
system like Ubuntu....maybe composing the startup sounds and another stuff?
is anybody working on it? is this the place for contact with people for

any idea or advice will be apreciate,


I know that they indeed intend to make new system sounds for the
upcomming release Dapper Drake. It is also 100% sure they'd appreciate
any help they can get... I just don't know exactly where to get involved
in this...

You might want to look here:

And here (under SoundEvents)

Please note that these pages are regarding the current release Breezy
Badger. The SoundEvents entry under the last link says that work is
defered to Dapper so I guess that is exactly something that should
interest you :-)

Mikkel tryed to contact with Adam Conrad, but dont know exactly if he is 
the man that i want to contact for that,   :(

I think my idea can be very interesting for me as a composer and for users 
that can be leading with a new piece each time they boot the computer, 
making diferent musics no very intrusive with his own mouse movements....

Please, im very interested about that, can anybody help me?


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