[ubuntu-art] Icon feedback

Frédéric van der Essen fred at mentalwarp.com
Wed Jul 20 14:28:08 CDT 2005

Hi !
Here is my review of the current icon theme after a few days of use :)
So i'll start with what i found especially nice :) no particular order.
* the theme is overal quite illustration oriented, i like the fact that 
the icons for documents are like stamps, they have a nice white border 
with some pretty illustrations. The fact that every document icon follow 
theme give an "unity". I also like the fact that the illustrations 
doesn't show the program icon or pointless text, but a more symbolic 

*the colors are vivid and help a lot in quickly identifying the icon 
Question : does these colors have any meaning, like "blue = media" 
"gray= generic icon" "red= executable"
It looks like they don't, but maybe would it be nice to think about that ?

Here is now what i didn't liked :( no particular order.

*I  don't understand why the  video files doesn't follow the same rules 
as the other documents. why doesn't they have the white borders ?

*the "gnome-fs-shared" and alike have icons that looks like servers, it 
is quite confusing since they doesn't automatically point at servers, 
they mostly point at "shared folders" In every other theme they use a 
variation of the folder icon, i find it nicer and more logical that way. 
It is especially nicer that way in the "network server" directory, where 
there is real servers and shared folders mixed.

*Sometimes the icons are too 
"shiny/glossy/plastic/KDE-ish/Linspired/etc..."  It doesnt fit well with 
the GTK theme. I don't know what will be the next metacity theme, i read 
that it will be a variation of clearlooks, wich isn't glossy at all. The 
too shiny icons also doesn't fit well with the third party applications 
- Specifically the folder icon, gaim icon,  firefox icon,  are looking 
too shiny.

* I, _personally_ , don't really like the folders and compressed folders 
icons.  the folder icon is too shiny and has a color that doesn't go 
well with alternatives desktop background.  the open box for the 
compressed folder has a too "complex" shape, and the colors have the 
same issues.

To make things more clear i tried to change the icons to my taste. You 
can take this "patch" as a proposal, as ideas, or whatever you like :)


- Fred - efbie -

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