[ubuntu-art] Another "hi!" from germany

Markus Majer mm at mpathy.de
Mon Jul 18 14:24:14 CDT 2005

Hi there!

I'am Markus, from Stuttgart, Germany - the town where all these nice Porsche's 
and Mercedes-Benz came from ;o)
I work as a media designer for a agency plus offset printing, textile 
printing, webdesign, 3d, music, events - in short term, we three peoples 
there do everything :o)
I love to be creative, I can't live without that. And especially when its 
about Linux, it gives me gratification - when I can help with sth. I love to 
do ;o)
My nickname on most IRC channels, forums. and so on is "mpathy" 

I probably have done sth. ubuntu-specific a few months ago :o) because of 
thinking about the similaritys between the ubuntu and the kde artwork. they 
perfectly fit together; as you can see in the kubuntu artwork! I talked with 
with John Ridell about that on the #kubuntu channel and he liked it :o)
(But I dont wanna adorn about that with borrowed plumes, perhaps someone got 
that idea before me. i like it the way it was created then :o)

My first contact with linux was at the the time of Red Hat 6 :o) but at that 
time it wasn't right for me, especially for the daily desktop use.. But I 
forgot Linux - i went back to it a few years ago, first using Debian, then 
the debian-based Kanotix, and finally (after a few hardware problems and 
switching back to Kanotix) I got stucked @ Ubuntu :o)

What can I do? Where can I help?

Work on some global & matching themes, starting from a grub theme, over a 
bootsplash, to a gdm / kdm theme, and finally a Gnome / KDE theme.
That is very good @ ubuntu, compared to other distributions, but altough could 
be better.

Desktop Ergonomics:
Since my first contact with Linux and its Desktop Enviroments, there was a 
quantum leap in these things. RIght now, KDE & Gnome even set new standards.
Such things as "Beagle", the KDE 4.0 Project "Plasma", these new engines like 
"luminocity", the upcoming Enlightenment version 17 - all of these have great 
new aspects I am really looking forward, to see them on my desktop.
Ubuntu could perhaps, as it does in other sectors, be a innovative "engine" 
who put this processes forwards, for example, getting beagle part of the next 
release / as a deb-package soon, because its a great piece of software (in my 
I not so good at packaging,but I would help where I can. Even if I only keep 
an eye on the latest developments.

But I see my mail is going to be too long, so I'll end here. I'm new to 
mailing lists, so I dont really know what to tell :o)

So long,
Markus "mpathy" Majer

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